Thursday, 11 July 2013


Les Miserables presented at the Northern Jubilee Auditorium
My view from the theatre
My school's 2010-2011 production of Les Miserables

Rehearsal space 


Tonight I had the experience to watch Les Miserables for the first time on stage alongside my sister.
Les Mis just so happens to be my favourite musical of all time and changed my life completely when I was fortunate to perform it with my high school in our 2010-2011 production, which ended up winning the Cappie for Best Musical that year alongside 13 more awards. It was my first year in high school and I was terrified about everything, it didn't help that my school was under construction and there was no roof above our heads. I've never auditioned for anything like a musical production in my life and I was terrified- I ended up doing a monologue from Weathering Heights and a song in front of the director, musical director, and the assistant director. I ended up forgetting my monologue and had to start over, along with my ability to dance like a one legged penguin  and I've blocked out my song because it was that terrible. I was so embarrassed and too mortified to face anything, but with some luck I ended up making into the cast. Little did I know that the people and the experience that was upon me, would be the best experience I would ever know of and I would meet my best friends as well. Being apart of this show has taught me so much,  I cannot even begin to share with you my journey with it. Jumping into something new and terrifying gave me so much more that I can ever give back, my mind was challenged daily and I was surrounded with people who all shared the same passion. And to see it all come alive and being able to perform that for an audience, that is the best rush I ever experience.

To see this all come together before my eyes professionally tonight, felt like a full circle.
So, in conclusion I say: do something that scares you everyday.
Now, I'm not saying to jump off a bridge or to sleep with your boss. 
But I am saying to let your hair down, go tell that one person that they are the one person for you, go love like you've never loved. 

Because those moments are pretty fucking amazing.

Stay beautiful.


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