Thursday, 7 November 2013

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been a hot topic for the past few weeks- even more so.
He made a visit to Brazil and has talk going- even more so.

Here's the rundown:
    -He went to a brothel.
    -Chose two girls from the brothel, to do god knows what.
    -One of the prostitutes apparently filmed/posted him sleeping.
    -And he did some graffiti, for kicks and artistic reasons- or whatever.

People can react to this story in one or more of the following ways:
   1. Not give a shit.
   2. Cry and start something disgusting (i.e. #cutforbieber)
   3. Express feelings through cryptical posts with Kelvin filter- for artistic reasons- or whatever.
   4. Bieber who?

I don't care about Justin's everyday life- the fact that he goes to a brothel or likes to take an above average amount of selfies does not concern me (okay the selfie thing, it's troubling).
But the fact that Christmas drinks are out, the semester is ending, and Coach is back on New Girl takes more of my attention.
But after watching this story unravel and people going ape shit, got my attention.

Put things on perspective here.
Justin Bieber is 19 years old (or young, if you're annoying and like to quote Perks of Being a Wallflower.) Jesus, that's a year older than me- he is a kid. He is going to fuck up, all the time.
Despite that, he is under the eye of millions depicting every single move.
He has 46,659,031 twitter followers, who knows how many are fake trolls or 12 year old girls- but what's the difference (this is a joke, I wanted to be ironic)?
If millions of people are constantly telling you that you are perfect all of these fuck ups are brushed off and you can no longer do wrong. Wait- am I defending Justin Bieber?
But when he was just starting his fame back in 2009 he came to Edmonton for a meet up and concert. For reasons I cannot remember, I went to these events and he was just a regular person who didn't have Jesus tattooed on his leg. He was a kid living his dream and had the opportunity to do what he loves the most: Jesu- music.

Now fast forward four years.
He's banging chicks and suffers from multiple selfie disorder.
I don't blame the kid, yes- he is a ignorant twat and needs to punched sometimes. But if you were given the notion that you were invisible and given mass power over millions of people, what are you expecting. We can't all be Simon Cowell cookie cutout One Direction.
Justin is more well known for the crazy shit, the fact that he supposedly a musician is forgotten. The music industry today is focused on the looks, boob size, and the sob story- music comes last. I by no means like Justin- again I could care less, but the fact that if the kid wants to go and party, it's sad that he can't party without having someone filming him. And what's more sad, is that's the highlight. That's what people are focused on and that's what they leave with. When more important things in the world are happening, like Rob Ford.

Yes, Justin is a twat.
Also, human.

Despite the selfies.

Don't worship the kid.
Don't loathe the kid.
Just be decent.

Your thoughts?


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