Tuesday, 5 November 2013

OCTOBER: Beauty Favourites

1. NEUTROGENA: Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF: 110
2. ESSIE NAIL POLISH: Stylenomics
BORJOIS: Health Mix Serum, Gel Foundation (52: Vanilla)
4. JOE FRESH: Matte Lipstick (Ruby)
5. RIMMEL LONDON: Kate Moss Matte Lipstick (107)
6. BENFIT: POREfessional
7. MARC JACOBS: Daisy Rollerball
8. NARS: Matte Lip Pencil (Train Bleu)
BENEFIT: The POREfessional
LUSH: H'Suan Wen Hua - Hair Mask
ILLUME: Luxury Soy Candle (Mulled Wine)

NARS: Matte Lip Pencil (Train Bleu)

ESSIE: Nail Polish (Stylenomics)
VOLUSPA: Bella Sucre
ST. IVES: Timeless Skin- Hydratant Facial
SOAP & GLORY: Body Butter: Mist You Madly (Bergamot, Freesia, Vanilla)
OCTOBER (ɒkˈtoʊ bər) has now passed.
31 days have passed.
And through those 31 days I have loved and now what to share things that make me happy, beauty wise.

1. BENEFIT: POREfessional:
This product has been my holy grail this past month, it works wonders. The purpose of it is to minimize your pores, when in reality it takes away the pores and black spots- amazing, amazing.
This has grown to be my obsession, but it is on the pricy side for such a small tube ($48)- but so far it has lasted me about two and a half months, and for the results I am happy to spend a bit more.
Sidenote: it smells like baby powder, and I love it.
AVAILABLE: Sephora, local drugstores

2. NARS: Matte Lip Pencil (Train Bleu):
Nars has the best (matte) lipsticks, in my opinion. The lip pencil have a texture is very light making it feel like you're not even wearing the lipstick and has great pigmentation. And on average they have lasted me for a year and a half. Again a bit pricy ($30) but oh my god- the colour got me good. It is a beautiful dark purple and makes me feel complete. AVAILABLE: Sephora, local drugstores, or Nars Beauty Stands.

ILLUME: Luxury Soy Candle (Mulled Wine): Oh my lord. Smells like everything you want in a candle, Fall and everything else that comes with it. It's a cross mix of apples and spices, and creates a cozy and snug feeling. And the soy candles got me curious, apparently they last longer and use natural oils- keep you posted on it's life power.
VOLUSPA: Bella Sucre: A coconut scented candle that make you think you're somewhere warm and tropical. When it's 40 below in a couple of weeks, I will need this.
AVAILABLE: Chapters, Anthropology (cheaper at Chapters)

4. SOAP & GLORY: Body Butter: Mist You Madly (Bergamot, Freesia, Vanilla):
This is my first Soap and Glory product that I used and I was inspired by Zoella to pick one up, and I'm hooked. The body butter is heavy, but not greasy, and it able to moisturize fast and does not leave you feeling sticky. The scents are also very unique throughout the collection, not your typical sweet vanilla scents. Mist You Madly is one of their signature scents, it is mix of citrus and vanilla- able to use all year round, day or night.
AVAILABLE: Shoppers Drug Mart

5. ST. IVES: Timeless Skin- Hydratant Facial:
St. Ives has great body scrubs and lotions, and decided to pick this up one day and to my it is so refreshing after a long day. I have very sensitive skin and with this facial it takes away the redness and blemishes whilst leaving the skin feeling awake. Also with St. Ives all their products have great prices, this only cost me $3!
AVAILABLE: Drug/Supermarkets

6. LUSH: H'Suan Wen Hua - Hair Mask:
I have dry and damaged hair, and this was able to leave my hair so soft and alive. It's a very strange smell, not the most appealing scent, but manageable- t contains eggs (nutrients, protein), balsamic vinegar (sleekness, shine) and bay leaves (rejuvenates the scalp). It's recommended to leave in for 10-15 minutes, but the lady at lush told me she puts it in for 2 hours whilst watching a movie- but whatever works for you. I have long and thick hair and this lasted me about 4 washes, but if used liberally up to 5-6 washes.

7. NEUTROGENA: Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF: 110:
Fact: I am allergic to the sun. Going out without sunscreen I get itchy which results in rashes and hives. My face breaks out and become a mess, so sunscreen is always a must. But in general, protecting your skin is very important and should be maintained regularly. I've used bottles of sunscreen, but this is by far my favourite. My dermatologist recommend this and it has a formula that is light and is sheer, making it feel like you're not wearing it. SPF is 110, but they have different arranges of spf in this collection. They're small and fit perfectly in bags, and with this my skin is protected and save from the sun.
AVAILABLE: Drug/Superstores

That's it- that's October in a nutshell!
What did October look for you? Anything you recommend, if so- leave a comment!
I will see you all soon, until then- stay beautiful!



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