Thursday, 16 January 2014

25 Things About Me


1. Majority of my time I think about sleep, food, and clothes. 
   The life I lead.

2. My obsessions include: water bottles, eyebrows, candles, and lipsticks. 

3. I have a slight problem with layering clothes, on a typical day I am wearing at least two/three shirts/dresses/skirts/cardigans. I HAVE A PROBLEM.

4. I love eyebrows and white teeth.

5. (500) Days of Summer is my Holy Bible.

6. I sing- a lot. Loudly and out of tune.

7. Joseph Gordan-Levitt is my idea of perfection, same applies to Finn Harries. 

8. Going to New York is always a good idea.

9. I can't wear jeans, I feel absolutely naked. But, wearing seven inch heels is no problem.

10. I love burgundy anything/everything.

11. I will eat all your cold leftovers.

12. I think I'm slightly deaf from listening to my music full blast.

13. During grade 3, I use to curl my upper lip whilst smiling thinking I was showing off more of my teeth. I was a special kid.

14. I am brutally honest towards other people, but am the most indecisive person for my personal decisions. Life's hard.

15. Whenever I am in New York, I have a Humans of New York hunt. So far, failed each time.

16. Coldplay everything, all day, all the time. Coldplay.

17. I have never owned a cellphone. Why? You'd have to ask my Asian parents, I still don't know the answer to this day.

18. I've never been to London, but I plan to drink aged wine and cheese everyday- soon. 

19. I'm probably on Tumblr, 

20. All my clothes are too big, and showing off my body is completely foreign. 

21. Pizza everything (Panago's Chipotle Chicken, Jesus.)

22. Friends is the best (All 10 seasons.)

23. Canada Canada Canada Canada, my birthplace and all.

24. Highly cynical/sarcastic. 

25. I, most probably, have smeared lipstick.


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